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Project #3

Today we (classmates) worked together in teams. We spent the first part of the class listing our 3 Ideas for the Other 7 Billion Project. The focus seemed to be on:

  • games/simulation
  • media/web/
  • contests/recycling/sustainability

Since there are 13 of us in class, we’ve created 3 groups. 2 groups of 4 and 1 group of 5. I’m very excited to work with 4 new people in this project.

We plan on meeting this thursday to come up with a collective idea that we can present for the Other 7 Billion Project.

Looking back at these past 13 weeks, it’s incredible how much we’ve learned and how quickly we were able to:

  • organize ourselves
  • list out 3 ideas
  • create the grops

I wonder if it has anything to do with the time constraints of this particular project.




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Flexible Communication

A PDF update on the DMDL/ECT website redesign project.

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